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Directory Section 6 Directory
6.100 Student Goals and Objectives
6.101 Equal Educational Opportunities
6.200 Attendance
6.201 Compulsory Attendance Ages
6.202 Home Schools
6.203 School Admissions
6.204 Attendance of Non-Resident Students
6.205 Student Assignment
6.206 Student Transfer Within the System
6.207 Withdrawals
6.208 Release of Students During School Hours
6.209 Child Custody / Parental Access
6.300 Code of Behavior and Discipline
6.301 Student Rights and Responsibilities
6.302 Procedural Due Process
6.303 Interrogations and Searches
6.304 Student Discrimination/Harassment & Bullying/Intimidation
6.305 Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
6.3051 Student Involvement in Decision Making
6.306 Disruption and Interference of School Activities
6.307 Drug-Free Schools
6.3071 Student Alcohol and Drug Use
6.3072 Student Alcohol and Drug Testing
6.308 Bus Conduct
6.309 Zero Tolerance Offenses
6.3091 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments Other Than Firearms
6.310 Dress Code
6.311 Care of School Property
6.312 Use of Personal Communication/Electronic Devices in School
6.3131 Student Conduct
6.314 Corporal Punishment
6.315 Detention
6.316 Student Suspension/Expulsion/Remand
6.317 Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority
6.318 Admission of Suspended or Expelled Students
6.319 Alternative School Program
6.320 Saturday School
6.400 Promoting Student Welfare
6.4001 Student Surveys
6.401 Student Health Services
6.402 Physical Examinations and Immunizations
6.403 Student Communicable Diseases
6.4031 Pediculosis (Head Lice)
6.404 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
6.405 Medicines
6.406 Student Psychological Services
6.4061 Confidential Communication of Students
6.407 Student Social Services
6.408 Student Supervision
6.4081 Student Safety Patrols
6.409 Child Abuse and Neglect
6.410 Accidents and Illness
6.411 Student Wellness
6.412 Emergency Allergy Response Plan
6.415 Student Suicide Prevention
6.500 Special Education Students
6.5001 Restraint and Isolation of Special Education Students
6.501 Married and/or Pregnant Students
6.503 Homeless Students
6.504 Migrant Students
6.505 Students in Foster Care
6.600 Student Records
6.601 Student Records Annual Notification of Rights
6.602 Student Records Inspection and Correction Procedure
6.603 Use of Student Records
6.604 Media Access to Students
6.700 Student Activities
6.701 Student Solicitations/Fundraising Activities
6.702 Student Clubs and Organizations
6.7021 School Sponsored Trips of Clubs and Organizations
6.703 Student Government
6.704 Student Publications
6.705 Student Social Events
6.706 Student Performance
6.707 Contest for Students
6.708 Awards and Scholarships
6.709 Student Fees and Fines
6.710 Gifts
6.711 Student Volunteers
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