Board Operations

Descriptor Code
Policy Title
Directory Section 1 Directory
1.100 School Board Legal Status and Authority
1.101 Role of the Board of Education
1.102 Board Members Legal Status
1.103 Board Self-Evaluation
1.104 Memberships
1.105 School Board Legislative Involvement
1.106 Code of Ethics
1.1061 Boardsmanship Code of Ethics
1.107 Board Member Conflict of Interest
1.108 Nepotism
1.200 Method and Election of Officers
1.201 Duties of Officers
1.202 Duties of Board Members
1.203 New Member Orientation
1.204 Board Member Development Opportunities
1.205 Board-Director Relations
1.300 Board Committees
1.301 Executive Committee
1.302 School Board Attorney
1.303 Consultants
1.400 School Board Meetings
1.401 Public Hearings
1.402 Notification of Meetings
1.403 Agendas
1.404 Appeals to and Appearances Before the Board
1.405 Rules of Order
1.406 Minutes
1.407 School District Records
1.500 Board-Community Relations
1.501 Visitors to the Schools
1.502 Board Meeting News Coverage
1.503 News Releases, News Conferences and Interviews
1.600 Policy Development and Adoption
1.601 Administrative Procedures
1.602 Administrative Committees
1.603 Administrative Reports
1.700 School District Goals
1.701 School District Planning
1.702 Evaluation of the School District
1.703 School Attendance Areas
1.704 Charter Schools
1.800 School Calendar
1.801 School Day
1.8011 Emergency Closings
1.8012 Extended School Day/Year Programs and School Age Childcare
1.802 Section 504 and ADA Grievance Procedures
1.803 Tobacco-Free Schools
1.804 Drug-Free Workplace
1.805 Use of Electronic Mail (e-mail)
1.806 Advertising and Distribution of Materials in Schools
1.807 Use of School Name
1.808 Registered Sex Offenders
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