Welcome to the TSBA Policy Department Website!


The TSBA Policy Department offers educational, administrative, organizational and legal assistance to provide subscribing boards with consistent, effective and current policies that comply with the applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements. The Department maintains an active listing of all policies required by federal and state statutes and regulations. 


The Department offers a number of fee based services and products to boards that are policy subscribers. These services include:


Customized Policy Manual

This service is designed to help boards develop or completely revamp an existing policy manual.  The Department reviews the board's current policy manual. After learning the operations and specifics of the school system, draft recommendations for new policies are developed encompassing the goals and priorities of the board while ensuring compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. The recommendations include draft policies along with a brief explanation explaining the reason for the recommendations.  This service also includes one (1) year of policy maintenance at no charge.



After a manual is customized, the board may sign up for the policy maintenance service. As the board adopts new policies or amends current policies, changes will be reviewed to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Department will suggest changes if needed.  The Department maintains copies of the board’s current policies and will physically make and distribute all policy revisions. As an additional part of this service, subscribing boards will receive regular policy updates and recommendations throughout the calendar year.  In addition, the Department conducts an annual audit of the policy manual of every policy subscriber to ensure that all policies required by federal or state laws and regulations have been adopted.  The results of audit are then sent to the policy subscriber with the appropriate recommendation.


Online Hosting

As an additional service to policy subscribers, an online hosting service is offered.  This service provides the opportunity for an online manual which is completely hosted and updated by TSBA. With a simple email, letter, or fax to submit policy revisions, the updated policies will be uploaded to the board’s online manual.  This will ensure that local communities have online access to the board’s current policy manual.


For additional information, please contact TSBA’s Director of Policy Services and Staff Attorney,Ben Torres, at 615.815.3906 or btorres@tsba.net.